Chips Farm
Southport Road
Scarisbrick, Ormskirk L40 8HE

Tel: 01695 386304

Visitor Information

Upon arrival if the grey electric gates are closed please press the intercom, we shall answer and you can announce yourself.

We shall open the gates, please drive onto and park on the drive.

We shall come outside to meet you however if you wish to you can press the doorbell (at the grey front door of the house) to confirm your arrival.

We will be going onto the fields with your dog, depending on the weather please wear appropriate footwear, waterproofs and bring a towel with you if they like to get dirty.
We have drinking water on the fields however if it’s a particularly hot day you may wish to bring extra to give to your dog after the meeting.

The appointment duration can vary from 20-40 mins.

Post Covid we have changed the way we operate, this is for the security and protection of the dogs on site.

Our Meet & Greets take place on the fields, where you will see all of the external set up. We no longer do ‘walk-throughs’ of the house and kennels. This system is kinder to our dog guests as to not disturb and upset them to see strangers, unknown dogs, and when resting. We are happy to send you photos/videos of the internal areas.

We look forward to meeting you all and being able to take good care of your dog.


Chips Farm, Southport Road, Scarisbrick, L40 8HE