Chips Farm
Southport Road
Scarisbrick, Ormskirk L40 8HE

Tel: 01695 386304

Doggy Day Care Service

  • All male dogs must be castrated (unless too young) All female dogs must be spayed or not be in season (if in season they will require a 5 week break from our services)
  • All sociable breeds welcome, subject to a prior ‘Meet & Greet’ to establish their suitability.
  • During their stay your dog/puppy will continue to be taught where needed everyday etiquette and basic commands such as sit, stay, down, wait etc. This adds continuity to their ongoing training.
  • Young puppies will encounter day to day house noises/equipment such as a washing machine, hoover, sweeping brush, in order to desensitise them to common problem noises. This also extends to external road noises.
  • During this time your dog will be walked, have playtime, socialisation, cuddles and rest time.
  • They will have one or two walks throughout the day depending on their requirements.
  • They will be returned well exercised, clean, and given fresh water, fed if required (treats with your permission).
  • Please ensure all dogs are up to date with their yearly vaccinations (we will need to see your certificate prior to boarding or daycare), worming, fleaing and we also recommend vaccinating against kennel cough prior to boarding.
  • While your dog is with us, why not treat them to one of our grooming treatments, whether it be a wash and dry or the full works.


Monday to Friday – £25.00
Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holiday – £30.00

Day Care Opening Times

Monday to Friday – 7.30-10am & 4-5.45pm

Weekends and bank hols 9-10am & 4-5pm

** Cancellations for daycare 24 hours notice.

Full charges apply